Our Process

We receive regular deliveries from our various suppliers. The slabs of stone are brought in by wagon and stored in our factory until we are ready to cut them. The polished slabs are initially extracted from 20-tonne rock, using a gang saw to shape the stone. Each 20-tonne mineral sample can provide 50 slabs of material.

Granite being delivered
Quartz being delivered
Picking worktop materials from delivery truck

Top job by fitters. We are over the moon with the end result.
A very competitive price, all-in-all a five star service.
T. Wallis

Samples of worktop materials and colours


Our Chester showroom has over 60 wall-mounted samples displayed in natural light, to best demonstrate their individual characteristics. With no two pieces of stone the same, this selection of wall-mounted granite, slate and stone provides an insight into the countless possibilities open to you. It also provides the opportunity for you to combine the featured stone with a specific colour scheme, floor tile or door design, to find the perfect match for the perfect result.

You will also have an opportunity to visit our workshop, where there is always the chance that you will find a ‘one-off’, which is just what you are looking for. And if you are still undecided, we can arrange for you to visit the warehouses of one of our wholesalers in Manchester or Matlock, where you’ll have thousands of styles and designs to choose from.

Kitchen worktop template


Once your stone is selected, the next stage is developing the template. The templater will visit your project location, to measure up and get a feel for the environment they will be working in. Taking up to half a day, this is also a good opportunity to identify any challenges, such as access issues, that will be faced during the fit out.

Using Corex plastic, an exact template can be made, allowing for the placement of specifics such as sinks and taps on the selected stone. We will advise on how best to use the stone, but we encourage you to come in and be involved in this process - placing your own templates - as the unique pattern in the product can make a substantial difference to how the finished project looks.


Having made a physical template, your chosen stone is then cut, sized and polished in our workshop, which is adjacent to our showroom. First the stone is checked for any imperfections, scratches or weaknesses, then using the template, the stone is cut.

Once the stone is cut, sized and polished, the job is thoroughly checked by someone who hasn’t been involved in the process. They will check again for any imperfections or deviations from the template. The quality system sticker checks are carried out and any issues are rectified before the job leaves the factory floor. From ‘template to fit’ takes five working days.

Kitchen worktop being cleaned
Granite worktop being cut
Cutting quartz kitchen worktop


Our experts understand stone and stonework, and the installer is usually the same person who undertook the templating. This ensures that they are already familiar with your job and any challenges that it might present during the in-situ installation. Our full-service provides you with the guarantee of price and quality, from conception to completion. Whatever the size of space, whatever the scope of project, our fitters will be capable of taking on any challenge and delivering the ‘wow’ factor for any design.

Step 1, 2, 3

Day one
2 - 4 hours templating

Day two - four
Cut, size and polish the stone

Day five
4 hours to fit

Kitchen in Chester worktop templating
The Merchant House staff working at house in Chester
Granite worktop being installed
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